Party MC Experience includes...
  • Over 15 years in providing education
  • Experience as Public School Teacher (Middle School)
  • Experience as Public School Teacher (High School)
  • Experience as Adult Education Teacher
  • Public Servant Educational Community Outreach
  • Drop Out Prevention Specialist

Certifications and Education


Certifications and Education includes...
  • Bachelors of Science in Biology
  • Florida Teaching Certificate

Security and Safety


All staff have ...
  • Registered fingerprints with St. Johns County
  • Background check (no criminal record)
  • Proven experience with supervising small to medium size groups of children

Quality Performance


All staff is...
  • Caring
  • Good with children
  • Dedicated educators
  • Creative and inspires

Contact Information


Call us at (904) 692-4424
or email us at SmartPartiesLLC@gmail.com
if you have questions
or would like to schedule one of our