How to Schedule a SmartParty


We look forward to enhancing your party. Just follow these steps to reserve a date for a SmartParty:
  1. Pick a date.
  2. Determine which offering and SmartParty Theme that interests you.
  3. Call us at (904) 692-4424 or email us at
  4. We will then work with you to schedule and reserve your SmartParty.
  5. Provide us with the following critical information to formally reserve your SmartParty.
    • Event Date
    • Event Theme
    • Number of participants
    • Age of participants (general idea)
  6. That's it! SmartParties will notify you with a formal reservation when your SmartParty reservation is secured!
Please read the following, important Smartparties notices and policies regarding scheduling a party:
  • Note: SmartParties requires 2 weeks at minimum to adequately prepare for a SmartParty.
  • You must provide SmartParties with all of the critical party information as identified in Step #5 above before a SmartParty reservation can be secured.
  • All SmartParty reservations must be secured at least 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the scheduled event.
  • Private parties are limited to occur on weekends only -- Saturday or Sunday [8AM - 8PM].
  • Payment is expected upon arrival for the event. Event day payments are expected to be cash or cashier's check.
  • Checks are accepted only if received and cleared by bank prior to the start of the event.
  • Although SmartParties intends to honor each and every secured SmartParty reservation, we cannot accommodate for all unexpected events that may keep us from throwing your SmartParty as planned. Such events might include but are not limited to severe weather, poor health or injury to SmartParty staff, road closures, etc... In such a case, all attempts will be made to provide advance notification of change in the reservation and/or provide for any possible alternatives if appropriate.

SmartParties Framework


Although each SmartParty can vary a bit, the following is a general framework:
Sequence   Activity
[1]   Introduce the concept
[2]   Guided Activity
[3]   Self-paced Explorative Activities
[4]   Extended Activities

Contact Information


Call us at (904) 692-4424
or email us at
if you have questions
or would like to schedule one of our