The SmartParties Approach



The SmartParties approach is to take a lesson or related set of lessons and make it interactive and lots of fun for all ages. We all know that the best way to learn any concept is to get in there and get your hands dirty, play around, and explore the possibilities. We simply provide a safe and structured method for accessing the wonderous world through exploration and personally extracting all the learning it has to offer.

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Anatomy of a SmartParty


All SmartParties include the following ingredients applied in various sequence and amounts:
  • A brief explanation of the lesson or concept being explored
  • One or more hands-on activities
  • Focused instructor-lead activities
  • Self-paced explorative activities
  • A knowledgeable guide
  • Opportunity to share what you have learned
  • Lots of learning
  • Lots of fun

SmartParties Framework


Although each SmartParty can vary a bit, the following is a general framework:
Mins   Activity
[10-20]   Introduce the concept
[45-60]   Guided Activity
[45-60]   Self-paced Explorative Activities
[30-45]   Extended Activites

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